Water Resources Engineering

Water Resources Engineering

AES Northeast’s Water Resources Division prides itself on providing our local communities with the expertise to investigate and identify solutions for both water and wastewater systems, including source, treatment, and utility piping. We provide reporting necessary to facilitate proper planning and securing of grant/loan funds. We work with many funding agencies and ensure reporting meets the needs of those agencies as well as supporting the client’s needs for the project. We work with a client throughout funding, planning, reporting and after construction to ensure proper operation of the project.

Water Resources Services:

  • Evaluation & Planning of Municipal Drinking Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems

  • Municipal Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant Evaluations & Reporting

  • Municipal Water & Wastewater Treatment Plant Design

  • Collection System Flow Monitoring

  • Municipal Water System Flow, Sizing & Evaluations

  • Municipal Water Source Identification & Evaluation

Design Services:

  • Municipal Water Distribution Piping Design

  • Municipal Water Booster Pumping System Design

  • Municipal Water & Wastewater GIS

  • Municipal Wastewater I & I and Condition Investigations

  • Municipal Wastewater Collection Piping Design

  • Pump Station Evaluations & Design

Permitting Services:

  • SPDES 
  • Water Withdrawal/Intake

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