Building Systems Engineering: Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing

Building Systems Engineering

AES Northeast’s Building Systems Division is comprised of three distinct disciplines, electrical, mechanical and plumbing, which allows AES Northeast’s staff to tackle all aspects of a building system.

Mechanical systems are a vital part of any facility. Whether we’re heating, cooling, and ventilating a building to keep patrons comfortable, or we’re designing mechanical systems to support educational, institutional, or specialized processes, AES Northeast brings a special degree of customer service to every project. We approach each mechanical engineering design project as a challenge to ourselves to create the most innovative, efficient, and economical solution for our client. Keeping in mind the high cost, both environmental and financial, of energy usage, our mechanical engineering team builds projects that not only meet clients’ needs but are also cost-effective to operate. At AES Northeast we incorporate intuitive mechanical system controls and energy conscious systems that can save time and money and make facility management easier and less expensive.

Mechanical Services:

  • Heating Water Systems & Plant Design

  • Chilled Water Systems & Plant Design

  • Refrigeration Design

  • Process Heating & Cooling Design

  • Steam Heating Plant Design

  • Heat & Energy Recovery Systems

  • General Ventilation Systems

  • Industrial Ventilation & Dust Collection Systems

  • Clean Room Design

  • BIM & Coordination Drawing Service

At AES Northeast we often start with existing building evaluations to show clients what types of electrical upgrades or redesign projects can improve their facility and potentially save them money. In most cases, interior and exterior lighting design and control systems alone would improve the energy efficiency of their facility. Our electrical engineering projects also include standby power generation and power distribution. We have the ability to design a new building’s electrical system or add on components for an addition or retrofit upgrade. We like to incorporate alternative power sources like photovoltaic systems when feasible. Modern electrical components such as fire alarms and security systems enhance safety measures in all types of facilities without adding significantly to the electric load. Our engineers regularly perform code analysis to be sure designs adhere to current standards and any anticipated changes.

Electrical Services:

  • Power Distribution Systems

  • Solar PV Systems

  • Telecommunication Systems

  • Video Surveillance & Access Control

  • Interior, Exterior & Site Lighting Systems

  • Fire Alarm & Life Safety Systems

  • Standby Power/Emergency Power Systems

  • NEC Code Analysis

Although we engineer domestic and sanitary piping systems, we are also experienced in the type of specialized plumbing design services required by industry. Plumbing design is an important aspect of health and safety in public and private settings. Whether its gas piping design for medical facilities, fuel and gas piping and storage systems for the transportation industry, or compressor air systems for manufacturing, AES Northeast has experience with various types of plumbing design and the associated codes and standards for each.

Plumbing Services:

  • Domestic & Sanitary Piping

  • Natural Gas, LPG, Compressed Air Design

  • Domestic Water Heating

  • Water Treatment Systems

  • Storm Drainage

  • Roof Drainage

  • Fuel Storage and Piping Systems – Natural, LPG, Fuel Oil

  • Medical Gas Systems

  • Grease/Oil
    Separation Systems

  • Solar Hot Water

"Art without engineering is dreaming. Engineering without art is calculating." - Steven Roberts